Weather Working Metaphysically

Bad weather

If you live near the Gulf Coast, you most likely have a very strong interest in the weather, especially during June through November due to Hurricane season. I have been working with weather ever since I went to Austin, Texas around 2001 for a spiritual class. I met the founder of the spiritual technique that I was learning at that time. I am still studying that spiritual healing technique. Wonderful techniques!

It was pouring down rain when I got near Austin. It got worse and there was flooding. I did make it to the home I was staying at and met the man that was teaching the class. I made an observation about the weather making it challenging for the weekend class, which was a three day class. Robert took out his pendulum, which he uses as an indicator of working with his spiritual groups and asked them if there was something to clear for the weather so the class could proceed without problem. He got an indication, yes. He also asked if it was okay to work on dissipating the storm. He got a yes indication that it was okay to work on the weather (and no harm by maipulating the storm) and Spirit and his spiritual group started working on the storm.

The tv was on and a weather warning was on. They were saying I think heavy to severe rains would continue for several days and warned us of flooding. I was somewhat stressed due to the long drive and the anticipation of bad weather all during the class time. We would have to drive to the class meeting place through that awful weather and possible flooding.

We talked for a few minutes introducing ourselves and I physically met for the first time; the teacher (and founder), another student and a lady (Darlene) that I had befriended on the phone whose home I would stay at during the class. Darlene was also taking the class. Darlene organized the class and the teacher, myself and another student was staying at her house. There were several people that also were coming to meet Darlene and the teacher, Robert.

While we were talking to each other, within 15 minutes I think, the rain started slacking off and eventually dissipated! Wow! I was very impressed! It was incredible. I have since then worked with the weather when it was severe and dangerous. I always keep in mind that the weather IS important to happen, but Spirit says that it does NOT have to be destructive.

From what I have learned over the years since that time, many people come to the planet with very negative programming that is set into us due to past lives that were dysfunctional and very negatively emotional. We do not have to experience these very negative happenings. Remember, we have free will. Once we become 'conscious and aware' we can change our lives to be more peaceful, more loving, more productive.

Each of us usually set up learning experiences before incarnating, that could teach us faster or can take us off the planet if we so choose. If you decide you do not wish to leave, then you survive the experience or even skip having a close contact with the experience.

Many of these happenings are set up for us to experience with the negative energies we are running at the time, to give us an opportunity to work through our negativity in this life. There are easier ways of learning and releasing our negative energies, with spiritual work and consciousness changing. We can live in gracefulness, love, conscious creating and enlightenment instead of chaos, fear, hate, discomfort, poverty and disorder.

I am sure you have seen single houses standing in whole neighborhoods of desolation and destruction after severe weather. The people whose houses they were, chose not to experience the loss of their home. I bet if you asked them, they would tell you they were praying their homes were safe and protected. Not babbling in fear about negative possibilities. Remaining calm and balanced is so important in times of disaster.

You too, can become conscious and aware and learn to create consciously. You too, can miss that destruction and devastation. Join our group. Knock those storms out instead of drawing them in. There is a very negative belief that the planet is using the destruction to 'cleanse' itself. There is another negative belief that 'global warming' is causing the hurricanes. It is the collective consciousness of fear, desire to suffer and self punishment that creates and drags those storms into our areas. Not the planet.

Remember tropical storm Claudia? I read about it after we worked on it. I took this from the internet:

At 8:00 a.m. EDT, Claudette was located about 290 miles southeast of Corpus Christi and was moving north-northwest at 6 mph, with maximum sustained winds of nearly 65 mph.

Monday�s change of direction came as a surprise to many weather experts, who predicted Claudette to continue its westerly turn towards the Texas-Mexico border. Since first developing in the Caribbean, the tropical storm has displayed atypical behavior, gaining momentum one minute, then weakening and stalling the next, making it difficult to forecast.

Some of that was us in Galveston working on the storm, a women's metaphysical group that met there monthly. We laughed about it UPROAROUSLY. The reason we did that was because in one meeting or on the phone or in an email, someone stated...'see the weather people saying...I don't know what happened. The storm is changing.' (And they did!)

Many people all over the United States and the world were deliberately and consciously working on storms the last two years. I met many people later, that told me that they were surprised how little destruction was experienced during '04 and '05 storms. We also were diligently working on Katrina and Rita. Unfortunately, the media was at work as well, instilling fear into the public, instigating their thoughts to be..'it's going to get us!!!". You remember that the worst of the destruction in New Orleans from Katrina was from the levees failing, not the hurricane's wind and force.

Remember how the evacuees went in huge numbers to Houston? Their FEAR drew the storm. It was like a war, fear against love, light, order and safety. Remember how they said the hurricane was wobbling? We spent hours, days working on the weather, the traffic, the collective energies. The collective fear would draw it, the light would weaken it. Very few people were consciously doing the work. We need more help to be more effective in combatting the destruction. It is too draining to do it with such a small number of consciously working people. I and others are gladly willing to teach you everything we know about consciously creating to help diffuse the intensity and frequency of the storms.

We will mostly use the internet and telephones to connect and communicate with each other and heal the energies that are creating the weather based destruction. We can also work on earthquakes, tornados, volcanos, pollution, ozone, peace and prosperity for all, ect. Please help us on this planet consciously create with loving, constructive, positive energy instead of destructive, disabling, negative, fear energy.

To join our group, or for further information, email me (Beth) at Put weather working in the subject line.