Spiritual Upgrade

Have you been experiencing challenges? Are you really tired of running to keep up? Does it seem like not only are you not getting ahead but you are not even able to keep up? Well do not feel alone. Many people are experiencing the same thing. Those that are doing well usually have someone helping them keep up and often have someone helping them get ahead.

Okay, big business can always pay high priced businesses or executives to do the work to keep them going at the speed they need to. But you say, you are not a big business? You can't afford to hire a high priced full time executive or housekeeper or manager to keep you progressing or keep you caught up at least?

Subscribe to my newsletter that will keep you informed on the problems people seem to be having planetwide. If you find that what is going on for most of the planet is happening for you as well, then give me a call and I and my spiritual crew will keep you caught up. You want more than just caught up? With a bit more work, then you will find that you are making progress again. Want more indepth of my services please go to www.spiritualkick.com for all the services I offer but please use info@gemtreeoflife.com.

Please keep in mind that not only will you receive clearing and upgrading but to keep you at that level, your spiritual crews must be upgraded as well daily. Click on the spiritual crew tab in this website for a free copy of the spiritual crew upgrade for your daily use and a bit of info to help you understand more about your crews.

The newsletter will keep you informed of the challenges most of the people are experiencing on a day to day basis. The clearing work will not always make your problems go completely away. Sometimes what happens is the normal challenge that would block you before seems to be falling away so much faster, making it easier to deal with the normal day to day challenges of your life. You find that you are not blocked but you still find challenges, they are just easier to put into perspective and easier to deal with with less drama and trauma and wear and tear on the body and soul. The newsletter will at least keep you in touch and let you know that it is not you that is the problem, it is all over the planet.

If you find that you just don't have time to make appointments regularly to keep you caught up and progressing, you can also subscribe to my service that does clearings for you on specific subjects that you can customize weekly or monthly to suit your special needs. I will also provide wonderful special energizing affirmations to keep your energies flowing during these times of challenge. I can give you special affirmations at each private session or you can get the generic affirmation from the newsletters.

I also teach people emotional freedom techniques that can be a 'quick fix' for those of you that want to work on yourselves during crises moments. I also do emergency clearings and healing physical issues. Please put Spiritual Upgrade in the subject line of any emails.

So, sign up for my newsletter and create yourself new, better opportunities and energies! You can opt out anytime if you feel that the newsletter just is not for you and you prefer doing it all yourself without this special spiritual assistance. Have a Blessed Day!

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