Spiritual Crews

What do you know about the beings that are assigned to you when you are having an incarnation? Did you know that you are not alone? Not only are you not alone but even when you are not incarnated there are many beings that are assigned to assist you. You usually receive a lot more beings assigned to you when you incarnate due to the fact that it is a lot harder for you to have a physical life than any other time in your existence. It requires more of your attention for one thing. You spend 10% or more of your spiritual essence on each life or role you are in on a planet or in the spiritual realms.

We can have four and more lives at one time on different planets and different dimensions plus be on other beings spiritual crews as well. Depends on how easy or difficult your life is on how much of your Light Being energy you are investing into any specific life role. We each have Spirit, committees, councils and angels working with us. If we are not at an advanced level, then we work with guides as well. Once you reach a specific level of consciousness, you become too aware to continue with guides because you have become more educated than they have and they can actually hold you back. This is when you want to start working mainly with your High Self committees. You can still have Angels of Light to guide, teach and heal you but you must release your other guides back to the spiritual realms to be assigned to those they can still guide (instead of follow).

People that channel angels, often are channeling their High Self committees but erroneously calling them angels. That is ok. Call them whatever you wish but true angels such as guardian angels are often at a lower level of training than older incarnated souls and all that guardian angels can do is guard and protect you from physical harm (don't ask them to protect you from emotional or mental harm, you will screw them up!). Also they cannot protect you if you do not tell them to or ask them to(see below). If you are an older soul, you probably should be teaching them instead of channeling them. Try working with your High Self committee.

If you are christian, most likely you have Jesus working on your High Self. If not, ask for Him to be assigned to you if you prefer working with Him. You can address your questions to Him or anyone on your High Self committee. You do not need to know their names. if you feel you have to have a name, make one up. Most people assign whatever name they think they are channeling no matter who they are working with. And most of those are angels names.

When working with your HS, you need to keep your vibrations high. Otherwise you will only resonate with lower vibration beings. A lot of the beings that people channel are dead people that have not gone back to Spirit and are just floating around lost or are control freaks trying to tell you crap that is just not very good info. They are usually misinformed or flat lying or since they haven't gone back to Spirit, the only info they had was what they had when they were alive and that may be wayyy out of date depending on how long they have been floating around or how actually conscious and educated they were when alive. No one human knows everything. It takes a whole crew of beings, sometimes hundreds of beings just to keep one human going on the right path.

If you are channeling a being that tries to make you do something against your will and you have not specifically asked them to nag you about it (I do that), then that is a loose entity and not an assigned being. Don't listen. You have free will and your spiritual crew are not allowed to try to force you. Not only that but they cannot do anything that you do not specifically ask for. So if you want anything to manifest into your life, you must ask for it. Says so in the bible. Here is part of it...

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.
For everyone that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh findth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened....Luke 7:7-11 I didn't write it all. Look the rest of it up. Anyway, here are some things you can ask Spirit to do for your spiritual crews.

Upgrade Spiritual Crews (SC)

Spiritual crews are all the beings that are assigned to you for your education, support & abilities to create & manifest your life.

Choose your PRAYER. (Mine latest is: I willingly, easily & effortlessly commit & connect to Spirit. I openly & willingly follow spiritual guidance. I release all resistance & fear. I ask for & now receive the best, highest, most accurate...mental, physical, emotional, financial & spiritual guidance, consciousness & blessings. or... The Father (High Self) & I are one. We work as a team.)

Say it with meaning, & FEEL IT, then:

I ask you, Spirit: to look at our Spiritual Crew, do this for everyone (including pets) in our home, business, families & relationships as well that will allow it. Set up shields around all. Make sure all our assigned Spiritual Crews (SC) [this includes Spirit, committees, councils, angels] are in the highest & greatest good for my & their consciously chosen life paths, protecting us, assisting, enriching, energizing, organizing, enlivening, educating & growing our lives & ourselves with the best, highest, most accurate information for this universe, galaxy, dimension, time, planet, the uses & ways we intend to use this work & express ourselves. Make sure all our SC are willing to do this type of work, want to do it & will cooperate. Remove, clear, educate &/or exchange all SC that do not fit these descriptions. Please get our SCs, in perfect working order for our highest & greatest good in a positive, abundant, supportive, supporting, enriching, loving way for a healthy, balanced, prosperous, satisfying & spiritually/consciously growing life in peace, joy, fun, harmony, security, wealth, wholeness & for optimum positive, minimum negative expression & experiences of our lives. Bring in all those we need that we do not yet have that fulfill these & other descriptions we may add. Make sure SCs are of a minimum number of beings for maximum effort, we want them to be the most perfect support system for how we choose & desire to express our lives & work for optimum positive, minimum negative expressions & experiences in our lives. Bring all new ones in clean, clear & thoroughly educated in all that we need & anything helpful to now & our futures.

Clear, upgrade, update, educate, elevate, integrate, harmonize, balance, optimize each of these SC & Spirit, with each other & ourselves; do this for everyone (including pets) in our home, business, relationships & families; clear all energies between each of us, our SCs, pets, & everyone in our home, business, relationships & families; individually & as a group; MODERNIZE US ALL. Clear, remove, send all unassigned souls from our SCs; back to Spirit & to their most right & perfect place. Clear all SCs of all programs, blocks, energies, negative motivations, beliefs, vows, limitations; complete & delete all negative contracts. Clear all to the Leading Edge of Consciousness. Download, assimilate all knowledge, Love, understanding, wisdom & Light & clear all blocks/ inhibitors to receiving, understanding & fully utilizing all knowledge, Love, understanding, wisdom & Light for everyone .

Clear all inhibitors, blocks, interferences to our SCs & us getting accurate information & fully understanding & using it, as a team with our SCs. Set up a good working relationship for us all & educate us in working together. Set up communication lines. Clear all archetypes (old & new) at all levels of Soul Consciousness & set up new ones at the most appropriate places. Clear, repattern, balance, harmonize Hologram, Spiritual & collective consciousness fields, Scarring (all types), Mathematical base, Prana, Musical Chord. Clear blocks/inhibitors to staying clear, being supportive & supported, fulfilling needs & for maximum performance & effectiveness. Clear all of everything spiritual law will allow & support, clearing, educating, elevating &/or removing all that are weak, unwilling, reluctant, disabled, blocked, inhibited, limited, uncooperative to ascending in consciousness & to participating in positive: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & financial expressions. Clear, remove, send all unassigned souls attached to SC or us; back to Spirit & most right & perfect place. Close openings, ask for clearing for their other lives & offices as well, if they will allow it. Those that will not allow the work, set up shields around them & those that do not choose to experience, reflect or express the choices of the ones that reject the clearing work.

Suggestions: Write out what you choose to experience & express & how you choose to experience & express it. Otherwise you may end up with whatever is going around, mirroring other people's lacks & choices of expression & experiences. I personally coach people in how to work with their spiritual crew called High Self. This is the most active group of beings you have & they are the best to channel from if you do channeling. Angels are often very limited in their abilities & are usually not the highest info you can get.

 Copyright September 2006 Elizabeth Smith