Affirmations and Your Perspective

Part of the services I offer as a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner is to make specific releasing statements and affirmations for creating for my clients needs. After the client has received healing and done the releasing statements, sometimes we also revoke vows that the client made in past lives that have severely limited them in this life. After all this is done, the soul has vacant spots in it where the negative, limiting energies, programs, beliefs and statements were stored.

The finest ending to our healing sessions is to create positive supporting statements and energies to replace the old negative limiting ones that were removed.  Which is the way YOU perceive life? And how would you LIKE to perceive life? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? When life gives you lemons, do you cry ...or make lemonade and lemon bar cookies? These are some examples of how you can look at life. The first choice is the half empty outlook or pessimist, the second is the half full outlook or the optimist.

1. Life can be like.....Commercials ...... You can't believe a word they say, or... it can be very entertaining and amusing.

2. Life can be like ....Bananas ......  The older it gets, it can be mushy and rotten, or... the more tender and sweet it can be.

3. Life can be like  .....Weather ..... Nothing can be done to change it, or really have to focus your intent to change it or see all the good provided by it.

4. Life can be like .....Blenders ... You can go without and do it the hard way, or... allow life to be easy as pushing a button.

5. Life can be like ....Chocolate Bars .... It can make you fat and break you out, or... it can be sweet, smooth, found easily everywhere and very rewarding. mmmm. 

6. Life can be like ...Laxatives ...... It can irritate the
crap out of you, or ....remove all the crap, easily and quickly.

7. Life can be like .....Government Bonds ..... It takes soooooooo long to mature, or... it matures well and is very rewarding.

8. Life can be like ....Mascara ...... It can run at the first sign of emotion, or... it makes a lovely thing longer and more defined.

9. Life can be like ....Popcorn .....  It can satisfy you, but only for a little while or... it can be a perfect accompaniment to the movie.
10. Life can be like ....  Snowstorms.....It can be cold as hell, boring, limiting and you can never know how long it will last or... it can be a lovely surprise, mystifying, beautiful, quiet, serene and pristine.

11. Life can be like ........Lava Lamps .... Boring, constantly repetitive and not very bright or... fun to look at, very soothing, richly colorful and meditative.

12. Life can be like.... Parking Spots ........ Seems like all the good ones are taken, the rest is handicapped and you get rained on a lot or... it pops right up at the BEST location and timing, a very nice person seems to give it to you or... it is a perfect opportunity to get a little exercise and sun.
What is your outlook? Would you like to change it? Private healing and life coaching sessions are available. Elizabeth Smith Spiritual Response Practitioner, Therapist for SomatoEmotional Release, PEAT Processing, EFT and TAT Processing, Past Life Clearing and Intentional Resting Coach