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From the Inside~~~Out

Do you feel, not beautiful? No matter what you do, you look at yourself and think... 'Damn, I am ugly... fat, too thin, too this, not enough of that.... How do you change that? By using spiritual, emotional, mental and physical techniques.

Mental and Emotional Beauty

Since December 2000, I have been working on myself spiritually and have succeeded in creating a more beautiful me, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I have created a better personality for myself and have learned to accept what others chose to call my failings and irritating personality as my perfect personality for me. I now love myself. And those that did not like me before, now have a great amount of respect for me and dare I say... liking? Grudging acceptance? I am not sure of the appropriate description but so many people that pushed me away and rejected me before, now tell me how they felt about me then as they tell me the way they feel now.

What an awesome confirmation for my work. Everyone I knew before that previously rejected me (grudgingly sometimes) tells me now they like me much better. Ok, now, we can't win everyone over. Who cares tho? You care? Okay, now that can be cleared, that terrible need to be accepted and acknowledged by others. And the funny thing is, now that I no longer have that overwhelming need to be acknowledged and accepted, it is now happening. What you fear, you create. If you fear rejection, you will draw people to you that will reject you. What you focus on, you manifest.

You will attract people who will never acknowledge you. The people that surround you will be takers that never give back. Not gratitude, not an equal exchange, nothing. They will drain you. Why? Because you are trying to buy their love and acknowledgement. Love cannot be bought. Neither can honesty. Thru spiritual, emotional and mental healing, tho, you will radiate differently and the people that will be attracted to you will be able to love you and you will be able to have love and happiness and yes, JOY in your life!

But beauty comes from the inside and radiates outwardly. So, you will need to have that energy within you before you can bring it into your physicality, into your physical life. I use Spiritual Response Therapy, Primordial Energy Activation, Intentional Resting and Emotional Freedom Techniques to change the negative aspects of our inner selves to that Radiant Being that is hidden or trapped beneath our outward appearances.

I teach you how to monitor your thoughts and focus and I teach you other ways of thinking, projecting, seeing and re creating your life and self. I teach manifestation and creating techniques that truly work for those that actually use them and refocus their attentions and intentions. Nothing will work if you do not use it!

Physical Beauty

My spiritual and emotional services actually can support your physical wellbeing as well. I also provide mental training to help you express yourself differently so that you can actually manifest a different physicality.

Our belief systems tend to create us so we would also define your beliefs and clear out the old belief systems and create some that will more readily support the new you that you wish to be. The written releasing statements and affirmations you will receive will support you at home on a daily basis. Self help at your fingertips! This is your opportunity for empowerment.

I look forward to assisting in your wonderful new you.