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Beth Smith




Metaphysical Jewelry, Selenite Wands, Gem Trees, Pendulums, Dream Catchers, Energy Products, Crystals, Essential Oils and Stones


Welcome to my Gemstone Forest! Please enjoy the pictures. If you see anything you would like, please contact me to send it (if the pictured one is in stock) or custom make one to your order. I have many types of stones, pearls, coral, shell, bone and even some glass beads to create a special tree, some jewelry or a pendulum. The wands are not custom made yet. I am making them all by hand and am selling them in raw form as well. My products will continue to evolve.

Any information you would like to share, please feel free to email me! Any questions you have, also, email me! I am a spiritually based person on a healing path. Most of my products are made with components that are believed in metaphysics, to have healing aspects. If the product itself is not known for alternative healing lore, then often the colors themselves have a healing vibration. Or perhaps they are just pretty enough to brighten your day, psychologically  or visually.

Some of these products can be blended harmoniously in your Feng Shui areas. I do not practice Feng Shui, but I am willing to custom-make some articles to your stones and colors specifications to harmonize your home or business according to your Feng Shui needs. I will however, make the trees according to my artistic muse. I usually channel the trees and they flow out of me into the physical. Please understand that if I try to control the actual construction of the tree, it usually looks less beautiful than what Spirit directs me to do if I allow it to flow freely.

When the products are finished, I ask Spirit and my High Self committee to clear all discordant energies from the componenets. I ask that all components to be enhanced with the highest vibrations they can hold and ask that they hold the strongest possible energies that metaphysical beliefs hold that the stones represent. I also, upon a sale, ask Spirit to disconnect all attachments to the completed item, from me and ask to have set, new connections with the item to the end user if the new owner wishes this.

I do not claim that these components will heal you or will do what metaphysics represents they do.  If you have a strong enough belief in anything, however, you can create that yourself. So choose wisely and for your strongest beliefs for the stones you would like or are most attracted to, if you are using them in a healing or metaphysical manner. I can also dowse for products that would have the highest and greatest good for you if you so choose.

~~Please Enjoy Your Stay, Blessings~~